Earn Real Yield

An overview of BitFlow's genuine yield model, grounded in real protocol interaction. Deposit an asset and earn returns in that same asset.
BitFlow is committed to pioneering an ecosystem of real yield products on the secure and permissionless Bitcoin blockchain, setting a groundbreaking precedent for the future of DeFi. Unlike other protocols, BitFlow’s pools generate a real yield for liquidity providers based on real usage.

Real Yield Based on Real Activity

Liquidity providers (LPs) deposit assets — be it STX, USDA, sUSDT, or BTC — and in return, earn yields in the very same assets. For example, depositing USDA and sUSDT lets you earn in USDA and sUSDT. Similarly, BTC deposits reward you in BTC. Our pools not only empower users to trade but also to reap genuine yields on their holdings in a trustless environment. And soon, the exciting capability to claim in native BTC will be unveiled.

Defining Real Yield

In the BitFlow ecosystem, real yield is derived directly from protocol usage. It's the fees, rewards, or interest accrued by users through their participation in activities such as liquidity provision, lending, or other interactions with the protocol. This contrasts with many protocols that compensate with their own or governance tokens, without fully accounting for inflation or external factors.

Why It Matters

The yield landscape within DeFi can often seem complex and opaque. Many of its structures are rooted in inflationary tokenomics and rely heavily on governance token rewards. In contrast, BitFlow's introduction of real yield does more than just incentivize protocol use. It strengthens the liquidity and enhances the overall performance of the protocol.
Furthermore, it offers users a clear and fair method to determine and receive returns on their tokens. This is a refreshing change from the often murky yield calculations seen in DeFi. With BitFlow, what you deposit is what you earn: Deposit BTC, and you earn BTC. Deposit sUSDT, and you earn sUSDT. This approach is both straightforward and genuine.