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An overview of BitFlow, a decentralized exchange that enables Bitcoiners to trade, borrow, and earn with their Bitcoin.

In the face of a recent surge in Bitcoin activity, the demand for a robust DeFi infrastructure capable of supporting the burgeoning Bitcoin ecosystem has never been more apparent. With the rise of ordinals, advancements in Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs), Taproot, and the Stacks layer, new possibilities are now within reach. These advancements have the potential to bring a tidal wave of opportunities to the Bitcoin community.

However, one significant challenge remains: How can you safely and reliably earn BTC yield on your BTC holdings?

Enter BitFlow – a decentralized exchange (DEX) designed for Bitcoin enthusiasts that allows users to earn a yield on native Bitcoin.

Imagine a world where you can:

  • Earn a yield on native BTC without relinquishing custody.

  • Seamlessly swap and earn a yield on price-stable assets.

The Mission

BitFlow's mission is to enable the deepest liquidity pools with the lowest fees for price-stable assets. We are devoted to offering Bitcoin enthusiasts a simple, straightforward method to earn a yield on native BTC, without introducing custodial risk.

Unveiling the AMM V1

BitFlow's AMM V1 unlocks unparalleled efficiencies, enabling traders to swap between price-similar assets on the Stacks layer (such as USDA and sUSDT or different versions of wrapped Bitcoin). In this ecosystem, traders pay fees to the protocol. These fees are then proportionally distributed to liquidity providers, empowering them to earn real yield based on actual trading activity.

Some examples of real yield with BitFlow's AMM V1 include:

  • Deposit USDA, Earn USDA: Receive rewards in the same asset that you provide, allowing you to effortlessly grow your deposit.

  • Deposit stSTX or STX, Earn STX: Provide liquidity for our StackingDAO pools and Receive rewards in the same asset that you provide, allowing you to effortlessly grow your STX bags.

  • Deposit BTC, Earn BTC: With the anticipated Nakamoto upgrade for the Stacks layer, you will have the capability to claim your rewards directly in native BTC.

Pools Offered by BitFlow

Initially, BitFlow will offer stablecoin trading pairs, featuring tokens such as stSTX, STX, USDA, sUSDT, xUSD, xBTC, aBTC and UWU.

With the upcoming release of sBTC, new pool pairs like xBTC/sBTC and tripools including sBTC/STX/USDA will become available. These pools enable users to trade and earn a yield on their holdings in a trustless manner, with all rewards claimable in BTC.

Single-Sided Liquidity

With BitFlow, you have the freedom to provide liquidity from one side. No need to add a balanced amount of each token. This simplifies the process of becoming a liquidity provider, making BitFlow accessible and user-friendly.

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